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Starting at $450

Lip Blush

Touch up 6-8 weeks after – Starting at $150
Touch up 6-12 months – Starting at $250

Color correction may require additional touch ups needed if we are neutralizing dark lip.

Lip blushing in Seattle is one of the most popular permanent makeup trends today. It gives your lips definition, color, shape, and dimension. It is a safe and effective tattooing treatment that gives you youthful-looking lips. It can help even out patchiness, correct issues with symmetry, and ensure your lips appear plump at all times.

At Royal Brows, we use high-quality pigments and sterilized tools to add color to your lips. Our experienced artists will make sure the results look natural and suit your features perfectly. If you want to know more about lip blush in Seattle, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Why Should You Get Lip Blushing Done at Royal Brows Studio?

  • You want your lips to have a uniform color.
  • Your lips are thin and need more volume.
  • Your lips need better symmetry.
  • There’s some discoloration on your lips.
  • Getting lip fillers regularly is tedious and painful.
  • You want your lips to be more defined.

We will explain the treatment in detail and help you choose the right shape and color during the consultation. Our experienced artists are always concerned about client welfare. We will be honest and straightforward with you to help you make informed decisions. Our effective and safe anesthetic will ensure you experience little to no discomfort during the treatment. We will only go forward with the approval of our client.

Important: If you tend to develop cold sores, please get an antiviral prescription from your doctor. Physicians recommend taking the antiviral at least 2 days before getting a lip blush in Seattle.

We will perform a touch-up treatment approximately 4 weeks after the primary treatment. This allows your lips to heal fully and helps us touch up the color properly. Clients can choose a package with one or two touch-ups depending on their requirements. Some clients want to build up color gradually and prefer to have more time between touch-up appointments.

You can expect some puffiness during the first 24 hours after the treatment. The color can be 25% lighter or darker after application and will settle in a few weeks. The true permanent color will be visible after a few weeks of healing.

Your lips may be a little dry and chapped but you should feel relatively normal during the healing process. We recommend using the moisturizing lip balm provided by your Royal Brows artist regularly to minimize any discomfort.